Provisional results

The provisional results from this morning are now available:


These will be updated within the next 24 hours with the names of those who registered on the day.

Please email any requests for corrections to and I will look at these ASAP.

The photo gallery from this morning is now live, thanks to some lightening fast work by the team at Sussex Sports Photography, here:

You can search for your photos by your bib number, or search for 000 to see all untagged photos. Also take a look at misc for general race photos.

All profits from these photo sales are very generously being donated to The Jigsaw Trust, so please do consider buying a photo (or two) as a lasting memory of your performance today.

Finally, please take a moment to leave a review of the race at Runner’s World:

Details of the Jigsaw Run 2014 will be available in the New Year. Thank you again to everyone for taking part and raising funds for this important cause.

Richard Talbot’s Blog on the Jigsaw Run 2013